The product is edible oil(cooking oil) with the brand name of supreme oil. It is sold in various sizes of containers i.e. 500 mls, 750 mls, 1 litre, 2 litres, 2.5 litres, 5 litres, 10 litres, 20 litres and bulky supplying. This product has nutrients such as protein which helps the body to be strong. However, apart from edible oil, soya beans has several by products such as soya cake that produce the stock feed which will be packed mainly 50 kgs bags as standard packaging for the company. In the long run, the company will be producing butter and biscuits in order to enhance the value addition aspect and increase the profitability of the company. These products will be packed into well branded aluminium foil papers. On butter, there will be two types of which one will be refrigerated and the other one will be non-refrigerated.

Pure Vegetable Oil 

Under the brand name “Supreme Oil”, pure soya-beans cooking oil is the main product that is processed and supplied locally and beyond the borders of  Zambia.

Soya-beans Cake

Is a high value and high demand by-product of the oil extraction process from soya-beans. The soya cake is supplied to animal feed manufacturing companies locally and in neighbouring countries.

Soya Meal

Is a meal produced by grinding soya-beans and is used in many industries such as confectionery, as well as other foods.

Soya-beans Grain

Is the primary grain produced from the cultivation of soya-beans. Once in-house capacity is reached the excess grain is supplied to other processing companies to gain a profit from the crop. KGML as a grain marketing company also trades in other forms of grain such as; maize, sorghum and groundnuts